Jigsaw Puzzle App for Kids!

The perfect gamified learning tool, “The Littletoons jigsaw puzzle” application is a creative, entertaining yet very effective way of engaging all the senses and attention of toddlers.

Plunge into the enjoyable world of jigsaw puzzles for kids and enjoy hours to strengthen their brain.

Watch the video on YouTube or download the app for free!

Apps for kids: iOS and Android

Let's solve the puzzles!

Unique Features:

  • Download the game to get started
  • Choose the puzzle you like from the above 96 puzzle images
  • Adjust your difficulty level from 4*4 and 6*6
  • This app also works without Wi-Fi
  • Does not contain ads
  • Does not contain integration with social networks
  • Does not contain web links
  • Does not use analytics / data collection tools
  • Contains in-app purchases: unlocks each gallery individually or gets the entire game unlocked, with a nifty little discount just for you

Play and learn with The Littletoons!

Developing a cognitive pattern begins from 18 months old to three years for most children, as the sensorimotor stage of development kicks in.

To boost and ensure a healthy development of cognitive skills, it is scientifically proven that engaging in problem-solving exercises is a pretty good place to start.

That is why The Littletoons has over 90 entertaining but challenging puzzles, which will help toddlers get very active.

The puzzles come in many formats and are most suitable for preschoolers, children aged 2 to 7 years old.